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Bliminal Studio is a Visual Effects & 3D animation studio that creates IP development, feature films, TV Commercials and Interactive media. we provide regional film industry with the highest quality, create dynamic, memorable treatments. Our team is re-collaboration between industry professionals from a wide range of artistic and technical expertise including cg artists with 10 years of experience in the commercial world, Visual Effects and Game Art, They master the processes, the tools and they have the state of mind required to deliver stunning visuals.


We full range of CGI production service from Concept Design to Final Rendering

by employing Maya / ZBrush / 3D scan pipeline, we excel in creating props, weapons, set-dressing, both naturalistic and stylized characters and environments. We confidently high quality Concept design and Digital Matte Painting. Pre-viz, Rigging, Camera Works, Animation (Motion Builder), Animation (Key Frame). We provide visual effects for feature films and high-end television drama productions. from Liquid, Fire, Smoke, Explosion Dynamic Effects and on-set supervising. Well equipment Lighting, Rendering Facility, Final Compositing and Final Look Development.

We provide 3D scanning for VFX: digital stunt doubles, facial replacements, cgi skin effects (aging, melting, burning, freezing, ...), etc. From Raw scan, Clean scan, Retopologizing to Final mesh. using our services you will have a workable digital likeness within days, saving you valuable production time.

We also provide IP development services which from pre-production, concept design, storyboard, previs to final render movie.

We also provided studio shoot production for interactive media, trun your vehicle in to 360° interactive movie, and wide lens 3D scanning building develop in to Real Time Interactive 3D video or projection mapping and etc.

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Bliminal Studio

PS-07-12 PJ5 SOHO
Jalan SS 5d/6
47300 Kelana Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel. 603 7803 1149